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Liktay Halachos on the Parsha

Translated by Dov Grant



Parshas Tetzaveh - Crushing Olives/the Body/Forgetfulness Produces Torah

Parshas Ki Sissa - Seeking Out the Holiness of One’s Rav


Parshas Tazria / Metzorah - Seven: Days of Orlah and Canaanite Nations

Parshas Acharei Mos / Kedoshim - Out Of Order: Digression for Progression

Parshas Emor - Wealth, Contemplation and the Cohen Gadol

Parshas Behar / Bechukosiye - Seeking Hashem In Business


Parshas Bamidbar - Attaining Torah In Impure Places

Parshas Nasso - Non-Torah Wisdom Can Cause Adultery

Parshas Behaloscha - Emunah Ensures Eternal Success

Parshas Shelach Lecha - The Good & Evil of Wine

Parshas Korach - Sweetening Judgment With Loving Kindness

Parshas Chukas - Tzaddikim Must Descend To The Common Folk

Parshas Balak - Speaking To G-d

Parshas Pinchas - Good And Evil Speech

Parshas Matos - Creating Torah Through Speech

Parshas Massay - Overcome the Craving for Money and Enter Israel!


Parshas Devarim - Not Everyone Can Rebuke

Parshas Devarim #2 - Find Your Good Points!

Parshas Vaschanan - Perceiving With Emunah

Parshas Vaschanan #2 - Doing Mitzvos Simply

Parshas Reh - The Joy of Eating

Parshas Reh #2 - Kosher Slaughter Frees the Spirit

Parshas Shoftim - Learning Halachah

Parshas Shoftim #2 - Finding Hashem When We’re Low in Spirit


Purim #1 -The Power of Evil Occurs When We Are Constrained by Time 

Purim #2 - Pride Is the Root of All Trouble

Purim #3 - Our Personal Malchus/Sovereignty Hidden & Revealed

Tue Bav - Forgiveness After The Destruction