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Overcome the Craving for Money and Enter Israel!

Likutei Halachos on Parshas Massay

Translated by Dov Grant 

Bemidbar 34:17 "These are the names of the people that will share out the land [of Israel] to you"

Chazal tell us (Midrash Rabbah 72:5, 99:9) that Zevulun used to supply his brother, the tzaddik Yissachar, with all his needs. Rebbe Nachman comments (Likutei Moharan 13, 29) that this is the main way to rectify the desire for money, i.e. by giving tzedakah.

It follows from this, that Zevulun is an aspect of the tikkun/rectification of the desire for money. Consequently, Zevulun is buried on the border of Israel, in Sidon, as prophesied by Ya’acov Avinu (Bereishis 49:13): “His border shall be at Sidon”. For through this aspect of Zevulun, meaning the aspect of the tikkun of desire of money, one merits to attain entry to Israel.

Through requesting and seeking out the tzaddik we can be saved from the ‘request and search’ of the sitra achara (incorporation of evil forces), i.e. the search and request for money. And this merits us to enter Israel. For the fundamental of the land of Israel is attained through the tzaddik, as expressed by the verse (Tehillim/Psalms 37:29): “The tzaddikim shall inherit the land”.

It’s actually impossible to attain the land of Israel without true tzaddikim. This relates to the concept of the nesi’im/princes-leaders appointed by Moshe to acquire the land, as it states (ibid): “These are the…people that will share out the land to you”. For only through true tzaddikim do we merit to attain the emunah/belief in chiddush ha’olam/continual renewal of the world, which is an aspect of the land of Israel.

Therefore Zevulun, who was involved in business to supply the needs of his brother Yissachar who toiled in Torah, merited entering Israel. For this is the concept of drawing close to a true tzaddik, attending to all his needs with body, soul and money. Thus, Zevulun lies at the very boundary of Israel, expressing the idea that by closeness to the tzaddik we merit to enter the land of Israel.

Orach Chaim Hilchos Birchas Ha’Rei’ach 4:43