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Likutei Halachos on Megillas Esther

11. Our Personal Malchus/Sovereignty
Hidden & Revealed

Translated by Dov Grant 

VERSE 1:22  "He sent letters to all of the king's provinces, to each province in its own script, and to each people in its own language – that every man should rule in his own home, and speak the language of his own people".   

Each one of us has a certain unique aspect of malchus/sovereignty/control. Some are able to rule only in the house, while others have a greater sphere of influence. Some are able to rule over the entire world. These different aspects of malchus are reflected in the verse (Shemos 18:21): "You shall see from all the people…officers of thousands, officers of hundreds, officers of fifties and officers of tens". 

This personal aspect of malchus is manifested be'itgaliya (openly) and be'itkasiya (in a hidden way). Be'itgaliya – when one openly rules over certain people, according to his particular character of malchus. Be'itkasiya – which everyone has - occurs even when it appears that one has no open malchus over anyone; despite this, he in actuality rules over certain people in a totally hidden fashion, because their neshamos (souls) are subject and subjugated to him. Even this hidden aspect of malchus materializes in accord with his particular character - corresponding to "officers of thousands, officers of hundreds, etc."  

Sometimes a person exhibits no open malchus and yet be'itkasiya, in a greatly hidden fashion, he rules over the entire generation – even over all its tzaddikim. He is able do this because all their neshamos are under his dominion and sovereignty, subjugated and bowed down to him. However, he is greatly hidden.  

This is related to (see Malachi 1); "In every place, it should be burnt and offered up for the sake of My name": Even if they serve idolatry, nevertheless in a concealed way they are all submitted before Hashem and serve Him – even though He is greatly concealed. Similarly, this is the aspect of malchus be'itkasiya: Even though he has no malchus be'itgaliya, nevertheless, he rules over them in a greatly hidden way and they are all subject and subjugated to him.  

Likutei Moharan 56