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Non-Torah Wisdom Can
Cause Adultery

Likutei Halachos on Parshas Nasso

Translated by Dov Grant 

Possuk 5:12 "If a man’s wife goes off, being treacherous to him a treachery" 

At the spiritual root, the woman is an aspect of chochmah tatta’ah/wisdom of this lower world, corresponding to [the sefirah of] malchus/sovereignty. But the sitra achara and klippos (incorporation of evil forces) – which are an aspect of chochmos chitzonios/ “outside wisdoms” that are related to the “exile by the four kingdoms” – lie close to the malchus. They are continually burrowing and waxing strong to derive nourishment from malchus, to attach themselves there, most. For this reason, we find ourselves in the great spiritual war for good, even when engaged in permissible matters.

How much more is this true for someone that has caused a spiritual blemish through sin, G-d forbid. Through sinning, one gives the evil forces great power to sustain themselves from the malchus. This makes possible the creation of complete heresy, Heaven save us.

Thus Chazal (our Sages) explain that the double terminology “she is treacherous to her man a treachery” signifies a double fold treachery: To the “Man of war” above i.e. Hashem, and to the man i.e. her husband, down here. Her treachery to “the Man above” lies in her having enabled heresy to increase, Heaven save us.

And so Chazal explain “if his wife tisteh/goes off” means that adultery only happens when a spirit of shtoos/folly [related to tisteh] enters the adulterers. For it is certain that p'gam ha’bris (sexual misdemeanor) and adultery only stem from the klippos that are an aspect of chochmos chitzonios – truly complete shtoos in contrast to the true wisdom of holiness.

Even Ha’Ezer Hilchos Gittin 4:5 (according to Otzar Ha’Yirah – Bris 113)