Official Information Site of Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman


Dear Brother,

As a messenger for our Master Rabbi Nachman, I ask you:

WHAT?! That's right; the question to you is that simple: WHAT?!

Rabbi Nachman told us to ask people this question.

Now you'll tell me you also would like to be a messenger for Rabbi Nachman, you have begun to wonder what it is you are doing in this world, and you'll ask me: WHAT?!

   Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman! That's what!

We are sent in this world to enjoy the special relationship we have with G-d. G-d wants to see us ecstatic, He wants to see us pure and holy, He wants to see us rejoicing in His goodness!

  • Get out of the slavery, escape from your bondage, give up chasing after your animals i.e. your sins.
  • Escape into reality! Breakaway to freedom!
  • Stop worrying what other people will say or think about you!
  • Run to Rabbi Nachman! Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
  • Rabbi Nachman's teachings are available in English! Get a hold of them! Quickly!
  • Start finding out WHAT! Start living a real life!
  • When you find Rabbi Nachman, you will find G-d, and you will find yourself! About time!
  • Most important, take advantage of the revelation of the song of redemption: NA NACH NACHMU NACHMUN MAYUMAN!

Even to say this once in your lifetime would be the greatest fortune. You could celebrate for the rest of your life. Certainly if you merit to sing it, to dance, to exult in the Choice of G-d, with this song, there is no measure to the fortune you have attained.

It is not difficult to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman just as it is not difficult to open a door if you have the right key. The problem is you’re confused, you don’t know what to do. You were brought up thinking that things are only alright and proper if they are difficult, and reward is based on effort. Stop thinking about reward, stop thinking about exertion, stop thinking so much! Just celebrate all the goodness of G-d.

You think you are shackled and tied down, you think that there is a great barrier between you and G-d, between you and the righteous.

   Let go!



   That's all there is to it. Just believe. Happy is the one who believes!

   Perhaps you will say this is a silly belief.

   Perhaps is evil.

Be confident and certain, you most definitely can rely on Rabbi Nachman 100%! Rabbi Nachman promised, he guaranteed!