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How Does One Act Na Nach?

The primary way of following Rabbi Nachman of Breslov today is by saying and singing his name in the way he signed it: Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Breslov was always a very radical group, very committed to the spirit of Rabbi Nachman's teachings. Bresov never paid serious attention to how society adapted to viewing the proper way of life.

Rabbi Nachman said that the main job of a Jew was to arise at midnight - so the Breslovers did so. Rabbi Nachman said that one of the most important things to do is to go out into the forest and fields at midnight and call out to G-d - so the Breslovers did this. People considered them crazy and ridiculed them and even defamed them and castigated them, but the Breslovers adhered to Rabbi Nachman's teachings. But even more than the teachings themselves the Breslover understood that Rabbi Nachman was greater than just teachings. The main point of Breslov was Rabbi Nachman.  Whether or not one understood, achieved, or carried out the practices of Breslov the main thing was to hold on to Rabbi Nachman himself. One was not to get caught up in all types of worship, he was to worship with the recognition that Rabbi Nachman was worshiping with him. This, amongst other reasons, is ample grounds to rule out any successor to Rabbi Nachman. Which in turn leads to more pressure from society against followers of a 'dead' leader.

How is Na Nach Diffrent From Other Groups in Breslov?

In recent  times people who recognised the truth of Rabbi Nachman but had not the courage to go all the way, made all types of compromises. At the same time there arose in Breslov (as predicted by Rabbi Nachman) people seeking power and prestige who announced themselves as Rabbi's, and all those who knew no better, and who had not the will nor the resolve to be faithful to Rabbi Nachman accepted these charlatans as their leader.

Another perversion also occured. As Breslov became more acceptable, wide spread, popular etc. the practice of Litvishe/Yeshiva/misnaged way crept up caging Breslov, this is the practice of making everything rule oriented, straight book. You must do this now, this and this afterward, and the likes. This is a terrible mutilation of Breslov which is all about self expression and self definement.

How Does the Saba Fit In?

Upon receiving the Petek from Rabbi Nachman in 1922, Saba was chosen with the task of guarding the true way and spirit of Rabbi Nachman. This is the way of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman! Some people refer to it as Jewish Anarchy, others simply as Nanach.

How Does One Manage Without These "Fake Leaders" ?

Every Nanach is responsible to G-d Almighty, Rabbi Nachman, himself, his friends, the world. He is not to taint his soul with the sour advice of any spiritual leader. Only seek counsel with his creator, and discussion with his friends.

To fully understand this way one must practice it personally and be in touch with other Nanach. One of the best ways to do so is via the nanach website See you there! Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

How Do Woman Fit Into Na Nach?

Rabbi Nachman clearly encouraged chasidus for women! R' Shmuel Horowitz's wife, who at the beginning of their marriage made his life quite miserable, ultimately came around and became a very strong and devoted Breslover, she would arise with her husband every night at midnight to worship G-d in the Breslov fashion. Saba told of other great Breslover women.

Today many young girls and newly weds are staunch Nanach chasidot!!! They understand the implications and they are fully committed to the truthful way of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. Often the woman is even stronger than the man! A lot of women have been completely turned off by the falsehood of the different religious paths presented to them, and they have drawn very close to the purity and focus of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Saba taught how one should respect one's wife, and value her role. Nanach is for everyone!

How Do Na Nach's Look At Rabbis?

Of course this depends on your definition of rabbi. If we define rabbi as a spiritual advisor, more than a friend, then there are no, and there can not be any Rabbi's in Breslov. However there are many very knowledgeable and extremely committed Breslovers worthy of knowing and emulating, each in his own way. Breslov demands of a person to take his life into his own hands, and to take responsibility for what he does with his life. This was true even during the lifetime of Rabbi Nachman. It was understood that Rabbi Nachman was not simply going to make decisions for his followers, he would enlighten them and guide them but ultimately they had the burden of decision. Often Rabbi Nachman would even be a deterrent, for example if Rabbi Nachman told a person not to come to him for the New Year, the person was expected to have the courage of coming anyways!

Nowadays society was not able to shoulder this responsibility, and many fake rabbis have arisen calling themselves breslov. Rabbi Nachman foretold such events. Thus today real followers of Rabbi Nachman, as opposed to some diluted form and people who follow fakers, can be distinguished by the sign of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman! Which is a declaration of independence, a proclamation of loyalty to G-d and Rabbi Nachman!

Where Should A Na Nach Live?

Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser OB"M, fondly known as the Saba, made it quite clear that the place for every Jew is the Holy Land of Eretz Yisroel - Israel. Saba said that it's a shame and a great pity for every second not spent in Eretz Yisroel! Of course during the year one should be visiting Rabbi Nachman's holy shrine in Uman, and there are instances when the Nanach will go to other lands to spread the teachings and the ways of Rabbi Nachman.

So where in Eretz Yisroel should one live. Obviously Jerusalem is the holiest choice, also special is Meron which hosts the holy shrine of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai the Master of the Zohar. Saba said that he has to be in Jerusalem and then by Rabbi Shimon and then by other tzadikim, he must continuoesly go from one to the other!

There is a settlement created by some Nanach, it's called Ebay Hanachal, one should definitely consider joining their community!   Another consideration of course is to choose a place where there are other Nanach, or to choose a place that requires you to teach them about Rabbi Nachman.

Another consideration of course is cost of living. Today there are places in Israel that are practically free!

How Does Uman Fit the Picture?

It is fundamental for a Breslov Chasid, and for every single person in the world, to visit the holy shrine of Our Master Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.

There are a few levels of importance. Most important is to visit one time in your life. On this occasion one should say: Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, the 10 Psalms selected by Rabbi Nachman as Tikun Klali, general rectification, and should give at least 1 cent to charity in the merit of Rabbi Nachman.

Rabbi Nachman designated two witnesses and promised that whoever would do so (the last two requirements) he would go to great extremes to help this person.

The next most important visit is an annual pilgrimage for the Jewish New Year, to join the Kibutz - gathering of the chasidim.   Next is to join the kibutz by Rabbi Nachman for Chanuka and Shavuos.   Next is Rosh Chodesh Nissan -  Rabbi Nachman's birthday.   Next and possibly a little more important is Rabbi Nachman's Yurtzheit on 18th of Tishrey, during Sukos.    Next is anytime possible.