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Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman

Breslov Fact Sheet by Eitan NaNach

Translated by Dovid NaNAch

“Breslov – the more time passes, the more important it becomes. It is increasing and growing. The time has come now for Rabbi Nachman to be revealed already in the world.”

“It will be an entirely new world, a world of truth, a world of faith. As it is sealed in the signature in this Petek (note), ‘Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman’.”

“This needs to be in every place, in every store, in every home, all over the world.” (Words of Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser, Owner of the Petek.)

The following is a short yet direct explanatory pamphlet. It is not encyclopedic, not intending to bring external historical and biographic details. Rather it is a personal, internal account, flowing from inspiration of truth in the heart, of followers connected to the Tzaddik in love, faith and self-sacrifice.


· Simple faith in G-d and attachment to the True, Sole Tzaddik of the Generation, namely Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. One attaches all one’s G-dly service to him, learns his books and teachings, and fulfills them. Most importantly, fulfilling his imperative of doing hitbodedut, a term which refers to speaking and praying to G-d from the heart, aloud, in an isolated place, and pouring out one’s heart with one’s own words, with supplication and warm emotion before G-d.

· Recognizing G-d’s revelation in common daily life, through miracles above nature, particularly in regards to income, health and spiritual battles.

· Breslov is the path for the People of G-d, the Jewish People, to come close to G-d amidst intense darkness, amidst deep descents and immense distance from holiness, the ways of the Torah, one’s Jewish soul identity and soul, in these latter days – through the great Doctor of the Souls, the soul of Moshe-Messiah.

· Breslov is the light and the consciousness of the Complete Final Redemption through the Messiah, a light that descended to the world a relatively short time before the Redemption. The more the Redemption draws near, the more this light will spread and grow and shine, until it bursts out in complete revelation that will be understood by all, very soon, in our days, Amen.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The Tzaddik, the Foundation of the World, the collective Soul of the Jewish People. The Tzaddik who is appointed over the rectification of the Jewish People and that of the whole world, from the time of his initial coming and revelation, until the coming of the Redemption through the Messiah, and the eternal World to Come.

No words are sufficient to praise him, and there is no praise that can encompass him. We have no grasp of him at all, aside from understanding that the individual rectification of every one of us, and the overall rectification of the entire Jewish People, and of the Creation itself, is dependent on him, and only on him.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman

· The Tzaddik Saba Israel Dov Odesser revealed a special name to the world, four generations after the passing of Rabbi Nachman.

· He received this name from Heaven, in a miraculous manner, written in a note that is entirely a mystery. The Name of G-d is joined with the name of the Tzaddik in a unique form: Single, doubled, tripled and quadrupled.

· It is a name that is a song, the Song of the Redemption, which will arouse the Messiah. The name has saving powers, through saying and singing it, that can effect miracles and bring salvations. Rabbi Israel commanded to publicize it and distribute it to every Jew, in every place in the world. The fire of Rabbi Nachman, the light of the Messiah and the secret of the Redemption are all in his possession.

· He said that he himself is Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman, and hinted that he and Rabbi Nachman are two who are one.

The Controversy

Perhaps it would have been more fitting not to write the following, and to be pleasant and polite, and present a religious pamphlet comparable to those of Christian missionaries and Hari Krishnahs (may we be distinguished from them), which would be swiftly thrown away. However, for the sake of clarifying the truth, and to fight back against the damage that has been done, out of zealous defense of the honor of the Tzaddik and the Truth of G-d, we are obliged to write:

The simple truth written above, which should have been simple and clear to everybody, has received a poor and dishonorable image, due to the confusion and disarray of the understanding of the Jewish People, who are sunken in the foreign culture that has flooded over us, and are preoccupied with personal honor and the cravings of this world, lacking strong inner desire to discard and renounce them. For who wants to be poor, despised and thought of as insane? However, the primary reason is that they do not see the truth in its true image, rather they see the opposite – the controversy of the major rabbis, impressive and honored, who dare to speak against the Tzaddik with arrogance and impudence, or alternatively hide from him, and present themselves as tzaddikim in his place. For they know within, that the Tzaddik does not leave them a place of honor, demanding only their annulment. “But what will be of me and my prestige?!” So they dispute the Tzaddik, and speak against him, or avoid the issue, and thus they hide the name of the Tzaddik, and prevent the People of G-d from drawing close to G-d through the singular Tzaddik, and steal his robes of honor and dress in them, leaving the point of truth naked,

disgraced and ugly – “Abnormal, crazy”.

But the truth is not so!!! The Tzaddik said that the Truth is only one, and the rest is falsehood. The Tzaddik has the power and patience to extract each one of us from the falsehood – with which others deceive us, and with which we deceive ourselves, if we truly want, if we will search in truth, if we will look at the truth with an eye of truth, if we will be willing to relent on ourselves and our personal desires, and cast off this world and our own honor for the sake of the honor of

G-d – which is the honor of the Tzaddik. Rabbi Nachman is the true and singular Tzaddik of the Generation, who has no equal – Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman.

Reciting of “Na Nach”

The holy Saba Israel advised saying and singing the holy name “Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman” simply and with pure faith, to attach and bind oneself to the point of truth in holiness, and to merit rectification, healing, salvation, protection and all good things, and to hasten the coming of the Redemption and the revelation of the Messiah. Following are quotes from Saba about this matter:

“One who recites ‘Na Nach’, he grasps, he enters into the root of the Creation, the root of all the Torah, of all the tzaddikim, he enters into a different world.”

“It is the key to all the healings, all the salvations.”

“It sweetens all the suffering and all the harsh judgments and all the sins.”

“It transforms all the sins, all the apostacy and all the transgressions, and everything not good – it transforms it to good.”

“It opens all the gates, all the gates of mercy, all the gates of prayer, all the gates of repentance, all of the Torah.”

“It is the melody that will be played in the future by our righteous Messiah to rectify the world.”

Tikkun ha Klalli

A compilation of ten specific chapters of the Psalms, to be recited together in the order specified. This is the Tikkun ha Klalli that Rabbi Nachman revealed. With it one merits ‘Rectification of the Covenant’ (refers to repairing damage caused by sexual sins), rectification of all the cravings, and of all the sins. It is the general rectification of the soul, in the merit and strength of Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman.