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Reb Avrahom ben H"RaN Predicts the Petek

Translated by Moshe NaNach


Beginning of the Redemption

Mid Friday, the month of Tammuz, year 5632. Rav Avraham (May his soul shine), after getting out of the ritual bath, promptly got dressed in his Shabbos clothes. His face was enraptured with great awe and with a tremendous clinging to the blessed creator said; "In fifty years from now, a lad with a beautiful facial form and deep vision, will revive the subject of Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman) with something new and amazing which was never before experienced. It will be such a high revelation in reference to the redemption, whereby it can rejuvenate us by bringing enormous goodness to the entire world, speedily in our days Amen.

In the same year, Shavuot holiday, 5632:
After the holy (Breslov Chassidic) group in Uman of the Ukraine came out of the ritual bath, they spoke with a fire in reference to the resurrection, citing Psalms (132, 16); "And I will clothe her Priests with salvation and the Chassidim will sing with joy." (132, 17); "There, will I sprout the horn of (King) David, setting forth the light of the Messiah"[(! 32, 18); "His enemies will I wrap in embarrassment, and upon (the anointed one's) face a halo."]

The Priests refers to the followers of the Master Prayer who is Rebbe Nachman. Only Rebbe Nachman's followers are called Priests.

The Chassidim will sing being the blessed name will bestow his ultimate kindness by revealing in our days (before the resurrection), the song of the redemption; the quadruple ten letter song.

There, transliterated in Hebrew; shum, consisting the vowel Komatz. But if you change the vowel to Tzerei, pronounced Shem, which means Name. This refers to the name of the true Tzaddik, who is in partnership with the name of the creator.

Will I sprout, transliterated Azmiach, having the numerical value 148, the same value as the name of the true Tzaddik; Nachman.

The Horn, transliterated, Keren. Is the numerical value of the quadruple song 354, (Na- Nach-Nachma-Nachman). Although, Keren is the numerical value 350, the rule is, your allowed to count the letters ( three in total) and the word (one), bringing a total of 354.

Fifty years later, 5782, a letter from heaven was sent to a thirty year old lad, a true Breslov Chassid, Yisroel Dov Oddeser. The letter is signed with the quadruple song of the true Tzaddik's name; Na-Nach-Nachma-Nachman from Uman. There are a lot of people called Nachman, but only one who is buried in Uman. Rebbe Nachman was born in the year 5532. Thirty two is the numerical value lev, heart. Rebbe Nachman was the heart of the world.

The year 5532, written in Hebrew; תקלב. If you take the Hebrew letter ת from תקלב, you are left with קלב, numerical value 132. This is the numerical chapter in Psalms containing the secrets of the final redemption that the above Breslov Chassidim spoke about.

Tikkun zohar 51b, the one that reveals the song can redeem the torah tefila and emunah...