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Nanach: The Pillar of Royalty

There are definite places in Rabbainu's Tora that speak of the importance of learning from a living Tzadik. The thing is that even the Rabbis that Rabbi Nachman extolled, such as the Berdichiver were not able to help Rabbi Nusun sufficiently, and after Rabbi Nachmans passing, Rabbi Nussun visited many of the leading Rabbi's until he came to the conclusion that what he understood from Rabbi Nachman vastly surpassed anything they had to offer. Thus Rabbi Nussun, who did not see himself fit to be considered a Leader, did his utmost to give over to Jewry what he had received from Rabbi Nachman, and thus the tradition in Breslov was established that there would be no Leader after Rabbi Nachman.

If you look in the book Yimay Shmuel he tells about a hierarchy of different groups in Uman, Shimshon Barsky OB"M was leader of one. Do your research on him, try to find one glimmer or ounce of the honor, power, money etc. that is associated with being a leader. He simply was like an older brother or friend, he knew more than them and was more inclined to the Service of G-d so he shared his time in brotherhood with those that appreciated it. All of Breslover Chasidim were branded as Toyte Chasidim - Chasidim of a Dead One.

Breslovers were always challenged by this, why they did not have a living leader, but whether or not they had a good answer they were adherent to this holy way - until this generation. There are now about 6 figures that popped up proclaiming themselves as rabbis like all the other sects of chasidim. People are kissing their hands, paying exorbitant amounts of money for the privelege of seeing them, and conducting themselves like goyish nobility.

R' Avrohom Br'Nachman, who the Saba testified on him to be a man of truth (even still he made it clear - saying explicitly that the relationship that he, the Saba, had with R' Yisroel Karduner would not have been possible even with R' Avrohom) and was one of the most esteemed Breslover Chasidim avoided all honor and power like the plague, he dressed in torn clothing, and he slept on a bench of the synagogue. R' Avrohom authored a commentary to LM called Biur Halikutim, in the Meshech Hanachal publication they have a little biography of R' Avrohom, I think it's on page 39 that they print the following conversation that someone asked the famous question to R' Avrohom, what are all the Tefilos, prayers, in Likutay Tefilos, to find a living tzadik (and many of these Tefilos are quite clear that they were written and prayed by R' Nussun after the passing of Rabbainu), isn't the way of Breslov not to have a living Rebbe? To which R' Avrohom replied, that it is a prayer for 2 things, one to reveal the Mushiach [Rabbainu said, 'from me till Mushiach there will not be a novelty', the Breslov understanding of this deebur is that there will be no leader, not just a novelty, for if there is no novelty anyone with sense will have the sense to stick with Rabbainu], and b. to find the hidden tzadikim who are in the know of the ways of Rabbainu, the biography continues to say that R' Avrohomm was very active in searching out the hidden tzadikim.

Saba himself considered himself to be a talmid - disciple - of one of the hidden tzadikim - R' Yisroel Karduner. Saba makes it clear that the relationship he had with R' Yisroel was devoid of any notion of putting him up on a pedestal, they had one sole intention, to light up the word of Rabbainu in their quest for G-d.

Rabbainu left over his teachings, anyone who is doing his maximum to fulfill them, will at some point need someone to show him how to personalize them even more, and when the person is ready, his prayers to G-d will be answered and G-d will provide him with a living Rabbi. But there is no allowance for anyone seeking a Rabbi, to be like the goyim, or the Jews conducting themselves like goyim (see the tora from Rabbainu about מלכה ושריה בגוים אין תורה). Halacha can be asked to someone that claims he knows, and if one is looking for a logical solution to some problem he is facing, certainly he should consult with someone that has the mental acumen to figure out the solution, but advice, that Rabbainu says a person can only get from a real tzadik, and even when it comes from Rabbainu himself the person still has to decide if it is the ultimate truth for himself – even when it's from Rabbainu.

The Vilna Gaon did not let his disciples practice the kavanos of the Arizal explaining to them that for hundreds of years, since the time of the Bais Yosef, even a person channeling holiness from heaven would not receive a completely holy channel. Those of us who merited to believe in the Holiness of the Baal Shem Tov know that the Besht was able to channel the divine in complete holiness, as were even his students students students, as we learned in Chok Breslov today. Even true tzadikim like R' Tzvi Ziditchov did not completely trust their holiness, worrying that they were only operating in Klipas Noga, and to to think that there are clowns nowadays calling themselves Breslov and trying to win peoples approval and votes (B. of Shin Bais, has his guys going around convincing people to vote?! Breslovers didn't vote, and if they went around speaking to people it was about Rabbainu!), are these guys so sure that they are so pure?!

The mishna in Pirkay Uvos says עשה לך רב , which is translated as 'make for yourself a Rabbi' many people feel obligated by this to subjugate themselves to the misleading advice of the fake rabbis. Rabbi Nachman in Likutay Moharan, right in the begginning (Tora 3) has a different translation, Rabbainu says the mishna is telling people: 'make yourself, build up your own royalty' and Rabbainu explains that this is done through music, as we can learn from King David, study that Tora!

Before Shaul Hamelech became king, he was searching for lost animals, and he came to the town of Shmuel Hanovi, a true prophet! It wasn't like today that you could just pop over when ever you want, it was a three day journey, a tremendous opportunity had presented itself, yet Shaul didn't even consider going to visit the prophet! Even after his servant urged him to he brushed the idea asid saying that he had nothing to give Shmuel Hanovi?! Shaul was one of the most worthy of Israel, yet he didn't feel it was important to visit Shmuel Hanovi. Shaul new what was expected of him, he was not looking for superficial experiences.

As explained elsewhere, a real leader doesn't take away his followers responsability, on the contrary the followers are given much more responability. Take for example the Prophetess Devora, she commanded Burak to initiate a war with an enemy much more powerful than Israel, Burak wasn't up to the task, and he agreed to comply only on condition that Devora would accompany him, and even still this was obviously an act of huge heroism and firm belief and faith in God and His chosen. 

With real leaders there is no risk that people will lose self government. G-d created man in his image, that is with the ability to choose to do whatever he wants. The main tzadik Rabbi Nachman, and his Nanach cult, follow the way of G-d, they do not impose government or subjugation, rather they profess that each Nanach build his or her own identity, character, and personality, ultimately everyone is responsible for themselves! This is the way of G-d, it is the way of Judiasm as can be seen all over Tanach and chazal, it is the way of Nanach!!!

Someone asked how do we know that we should bash the rabbis, maybe the Saba's war against them was the aspect of the fights between tzadikim which one definitely should not get involved in. For one, we have on video someone asking the Saba straight up this very question! Saba says to publicize it so that everyone should know, he said this on video!

Now maybe you'll say that even still, how do we know, maybe that itself is part of the fight. In that case you should review everything discussed here and you'll see that that is the simple truth, the rabbis are completely not called for, they are misleading Israel (not a new concept either in Judiasm, for anyone familiar with the Prophets and the fake prophets).