Official Information Site of Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bring Rebbe Nachman to Eretz Yisroel

Proposal of Reuvain, Sharon and to the current government regarding returning Rabbeinu to  Israel.

1100 Economic

800 000 tourists the first year, over 1 000 000 by the second year,  a ratio going to yeshivas and universities and even making alia  all this needs to be quantified and administered.  A lot of capital will be drawn here as Jerusalem will become a more secure investment on all levels.  Yuval Edelstein has just been given a new ministry created for dealing with this kind of affairs, he can be approached for assistance.

1110 Tourism

Religious tourism will no longer be divided as it is today.  No one is an expert on Rabbi Nachman so all faiths and philosophies are starting from the same line.  The main focus is getting as close to G-d's will as possible, we all agree to that.  We all have a lot to learn, the best place to do that is Israel- no contest.


The focus of immigration today is "making it" with a very materialistic objective in mind.  With R. Nachman the focus is purely ideological one cannot even quantify how well a person prays and so on.  Since rabbi Nachman is "ecological" and nature oriented, olim hadashim will choose fields of greener technology and low energy low pollution consumption patterns.  Quality instead of Standard of living.

More about his in 1140


R.Nachman's trademark-  this is great for the stock market- but also our media and arts will differentiate itself since being positive is the requirement for popular success.

1140  Economic leadership changes

From an economy of adults to an economy of children this is a key issue in the middle east which differs greatly from Europe in this respect.

The old school standard of living objective will finally be replaced by the school of quality of life for all.  Time for meditation in nature, time for prayer, kosher and sufficiently attended education for an increasingly young population.   Non-producers like children are a major economic contributor since large juvenile population can be a blessing if they don't turn delinquent.  Therefore more resources need to be spent on educational activities and even educational entertainment.  Certain labors can replace physical education if properly coached.

1200  Judicial

Acquiring or compensating investments in R. Nachman can be done through purchase or intimidation and preferably both.  If the purchase is done without intimidation, the price will rise through the ceiling.

I suggest for example of pushing the parties to make false and felonous claims then simply calling bluff and threatening with legal pursuit and defamation unless a settlement is reached.

1210  Administration Rights

This is a touchy subject since proper administration can only be done through interpretation of R. Nachman's will.  This requires public debate & participation.  Rabbi Nachman is a NATIONAL TREASURE therefore he belongs to every citizen equally, which places a burden of responsibility and danger on everyone's shoulders.  Each yeshiva and university will have a specialized section to interpret it's version of R. Nachman's will.

1220  Admin. expenses and benefits

Total public transparence- non-profit enterprise.

1230 admin. objectives

To making R. Nachman accessible to the world and to coordinate solutions and activities internationally.

1300  Politics

Each political party will have it's own way to adapt to RN, this should herald innovative debates for everyone.  In fact political budgeting will be a win-win for RN 's PR since it will be a contest to prove who is closer to RN.  The more debate, the more RN reaches out to the public.  The one who is closest wins!

1310   Jerusalem & Uman

These two communities will become world famous and will need to really devote attention and efforts to the source of their common fame.  They will be competing which each other for best management etc…

1320 National Politics

Within Israeli local politics, a similar situation with respect to the issue of RN will like for Religious groups put all communities on the same starting line.  How the parties in each erea respond to the new opportunity is a fair basis to judge them by.  The more successful will be assumed by the public to have gotten closer to the rebbi.

1340  International

A breath of fresh air in universities, in the media and in governments will turn up the level of activity and creativity.  Nations will throw their weight and clout into the frenzy.


The cost of maintaining safety for Israelis in foreign countries is obviously much higher then doing it at home.  The crisis and cover up when a national disappears is also bad for trade and has diplomatic costs.  Instead of emmigrating our manpower and resources we would be wiser to increase our forces locally.

1410   Terrorism on foreign soil

Not only is it expensive and more dangerous for security personel to guarantee security abroad, but it is a difficult diplomatic endeavor, which upsets foreign countries and makes Israel dependent on their good will- which is not always 100%!

1420   Ideological root of terror

This is a key factor in solving the problem of middle east stability.

Terrorist organizations may be heavily funded by rich patrons, but the backbone of their strength comes from the iron will of the suicide bomber.   A suicide bomber cannot be influenced by worldly goods.  The more we spend to motivate our troops, the more successful the ideological terrorists!

The Nachman Ideology is an answer to that!   Nachman people are fanatical do-gooders and are just as immune worldly aspirations as the suicide bombers.  The Nachman ideology will even turn suicide bombers on their own the ranks- something western civilization is banging its head against the wall with, and has had very limited success with.   

1430  PR Purim

Although this section may seem fairytale-like to you, a survey could prove its seriousness.

Like on Purim, the world is just waiting for an opportunity to turn on the Amalekites-  the Megilla Ester is the Petek (of RN) it needs to be spread far & wide  what can do this better then the "alia" of RN.  This piece of paper is our secret weapon against the Nazis.

1500    Theological- Philosofical

The media, book, education and internet market are a fraction of an indication of how much time and effort people expand in organizing their thoughts.  RN s already causing a revolution here- but this is nothing compared to what will happen when this Magnet is brought from backwaters Ukraine to Jerusalem and presented to the whole world by president Obama.

1510 Cultural Basis for society

Foreign currencies valuing sex, drugs, luxury, scientific extravaganzas and obeisity of all kinds will be replaced by the shekel and its companion, the dollar.  Love for the holy land will become the new international currency.

1520    Diplomatic vocabulary

NR terminology becomes the required reading for all diplomats.  Just like French replaced  Latin and English replaced French.  Hebrew will become the language of choice.

1530   Artistic

Style verging on Techno to Porno will fall from grace while Simple, Pleasant, Poignant and Practical will go up in value.


This part of my quick summery is very sparse since it needs to be elaborated by the office which we have just opened.  The idea of an operational plan is to prepare the administrative tool for execution of any given project.  We need here to establish constraints and possibilities.

2100 Formal detailed reliable study

With al expert resources available in the ministries, it would take up to a month to get the right questions out and collect and integrate the answers; the better the material, the better the negotiating position for resource funding and managing the project.

2120 Actors and contributors

Personnel, their needs / skills and contributions- I can formalize this section- contact Ruven Ellston for this if you want our current status.

2200    Financial operation

Capital investment needs and returns

2210 2220 2230 (profit and non-profit loans)


The festival will attempt to draw as much attention as possible to the new opportunities & principles heralded by RN (such as happiness etc..)  This can compare only to the turn of the century focus on the possibilities opened by "modern" technology at the Paris fair-  The Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty where the symbols of progress.  Here we have instead, a "return" to One world administration in the face of danger, like what occurred when Josef through his connection to G-d, saved the world from famine.  Traditional governments cannot indefinitely face the threat of terror – eventually it will destroy their economies!

2310 Popular festival

The street fair will involve musicians, artists, story tellers and all carnavalesque activities the requirement being to do it all in good taste and according to moderate "halacha".

2320    Elite festival

This cocktail will require appropriate dress etc… As leadership needs to set the good example.  Lecturers will be debated and their debates broadcasted to all interested governments.  The best selections of popular artists will be invited to relax this society between exercises.  Kosher food only and cunary secrets f RN.  Emphasis on organic food and "alternative" nourishment that can feed an "overpopulated" world.

2330    Media admin.

Administrative crews which have experience with RN

2340    Debates

The debate needs to be published and voted on by the ublic.  Till this date voting has been done with the feet and the purse.  Information technology opens new possibilities and allows sophisticated voting and surveys.

Public government made possible.

2400 Evaluation

The Festival MUST be followed up very professionally.

#of attendants, books sold, surveys etc..

2410 Objectives

PR results for Israel, for Obama etc…

2500 Activities wth best results- lessons

2600 Activities with worst results-  lessons

3000    What if Netanyahu says yes to this project?

3100  The campaign will focus the world opinion away from terror and budgets to happy & positive arts and culture reliance on wisdom and G-d.

3200 The campaign will not cost Israel anything but the amount they agree to compensate the Ukraine with.

3300    Economic gains in The Jerusalem erea and in Uman

3320 Judicial,  RN becomes a public treasure administered by the Jewish National Government, according to real halacha.

3330 Politics.  In its 61st year Israel finally writes it's constitution according to it's real founding father RN!

3340 Security.  Uman in Jerusalem means more security for Jerusalem which is good for capital investments and lowers the cost of capital and development.

3350 Theo/filo.  New trend and new language open to e accepted by jews & non-jews alike giving the world a common language vitally needed for peaceful co-existance.

4000    What if the Prime Minister veto's the proect?

4100 Mafia give away..

Rabbi Nachman remains the illegal property of speculators.  The money of the faithful is spent on activities and views that are contrary to those of RN.  If Israel doesn't get involved, it will find itself in RN's own predicament!

4200    Security costs

Exponential cost of terrorism

4300 Huge loss of capital.  Economic abherration for large families which will break up.

4400 Indoctrination of youths.  Money in the wrong hands education in the wrong hands!

4500 Gang Feuds, False religion and public disrespect lead to vandalism.

4600    Religious & Political confusion

Halacha ceases to be applied, misinformation and lies abound to such an extent that people give up the search for truth.

4700    Anti Semitism on the rise.

The money reaching only selected pockets people's discontent spreads and they become hot guns-for-hire.

4800 Rabbi Nachman is not recognized as the true spiritual leader of Israel.  This state will remain in limbo as a state until this changes!